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PostSubject: Re: Mercury   Sat Mar 07, 2009 4:46 pm

Hi all,

The only alchemical document that offered a complete description of the universal Mercury was said to be the Emerald Tablet, which declared itself a treatise on the “Operation of the Sun.” Referring to the tablet, Basil Valentine described Mercury as a sidereal (or stellar) breath, “a vaporous ingredient of Earth” that originated Above and descended into matter at its creation. it seems as if universal Mercury is the divine breath in matter, the Word or vibration that organizes chaos.

The alchemist
Eirenaeus Philalethes elaborated: “When Hermes calls it a bird without wings, figuring thereby its vaporous nature, it is well described. When he calls the Sun its father and the Moon its mother, he signifies that it is produced by the action of heat upon moisture. When he says the Wind carries it in its belly, he only means that the air is its receptacle. When he affirms that which is inferior is like that which is superior, he teaches that the same vapor on the surface of the earth furnishes the matter of rain and dew, wherewith all things are nourished in the vegetable, animal and mineral kingdoms. This now is what the Philosophers call their Mercury and affirm it to be found in all things, as it is in fact."

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PostSubject: Re: Mercury   Wed Apr 01, 2009 8:04 pm

heres more evidence as of dew being the mercuary or in dew:
The last sentences
quoted show that Bernard is describing the action of philosophic mercury;
for common mercury does not abide with metals in fixation, or fusion. "Mercury
is cold and humid, and of it, or with it, God has created all metals. It
is aerial, etc." Avicenna. These are the attributes of philosophic mercury,
which is their feminine subject, or wife.

of, relating to, or occurring in the air or atmosphere b: existing or growing in the air rather than in the ground or in water c: high in the air
separation of the pure from the impure is not done with the hands." "This
Composition is not a work of the hands." It is in fact, done or carried
out in a sealed glass
, and therefore does not, because it cannot and should
not, wet the hands. (Vide Artephius, Book III., Chap.XVIII., sect.IX.,
etc., and Chap. XIX., sect.V, VI, VII.)
Image out of
which springs white and red (not bare Sol and Luna as will spring out of
our mercury which was prepared with our own hands, but) the white and red
elixirs, which show that this Mercury which Nature hath made in the glass,
without our help, is far beyond that mercury which we prepared with a laborious
toil... For all they (the sophisters) dream of, is such operations which
are to be performed by hand, etc." Ripley Revived.

When this matter is brought
to light, it is not dear, and is found everywhere, children play with it:
it is ponderous, and hath a scent of dead men's bones, for two gilders
you may buy this a matter for the work". Basil Valentine.

WOW more love lol:it is moist and
wets the finger. If proper quantity of the sun be added to it, it is coagulated
and becomes brilliant --- the sun is dissolved into exceedingly limpid
mineral water. For the water dissolves the sun at the very same moment
that itself is congealed, and thus the solution of the one is the coagulation
of the other, at the very same instant. This compound is living mercury;
from which alone spring all colours. To regulate the fire is mere child's
play. After the conjunction it looks just like common limpid mercury and
does not moisten the finger, but is viscous and living." Kelly.
theres lots more found under:

Section IV
The Mercury of the Philosophers@
Wow who's as pumped as I AM?? bounce
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