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 New Member from Texas

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PostSubject: New Member from Texas   Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:27 am

Hello All,

My name is Hyram Posey, I'm 54 and after 32 years of being a locomotive engineer-retired. I'm still recovering from severe injuries sustained from a train wreck in '04 with fatalities. (Multiple neck, ankle, & hipr surgerys) I am also involved with music. I am a composer and performer with five CDs currently out. You can get a taste at my website (see my profile). I'm also a 32nd degree Freemason and Night Templar. I believe in God but do not belong to any denomination. I am a VERY spiritual person and have been on a quest for 11 some years now. I have read all I can get my hands on as far as alchemy. It has consumed me I must say! I have been praying very hard for a directional path towards the Stone. My guidance usually comes in the form of dreams. I believe that I have been divinely led to Nicholas's web page.

Speaking of Nicholas....I cannot say in words how much I thank you for putting all of this information together for us, and sharing such a mamoth with us! I have purchased the book, and hope ALL mebers of this forum will choose to do the same. I am a greenhorn at this, but I promise that I will contribute something to this group. I am looking forward to the opportunity of sharing ideas....after all, isn't that what GREAT minds do?

Thanking You again Nicholas for your generosity, and the "greatest gift" that could ever be shared. Travelingman 777, talk to me........


Hyramposey farao
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PostSubject: Re: New Member from Texas   Wed Mar 18, 2009 11:47 am

BE very Welcome Hyram!


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PostSubject: Re: New Member from Texas   Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:17 am

hello Hyram, Welcome
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PostSubject: Re: New Member from Texas   

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New Member from Texas
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