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 Cannotations of a Nomad (update)

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PostSubject: Cannotations of a Nomad (update)   Sat Mar 21, 2009 10:11 pm

The last 3 months I have been living in Griffith NSW, Austalia. I hitchhiked with my friend from Canada, and a french guy in the back of a horse trailer and ended up in Griffith. When I got here in the Middle of December I had about $500 on the bank and all my posessions in my backpack. I met up with a guy named Ceaser who organises work and a place for backpackers. I've been doing mainly farm hand work for the last couple months, working on a Nursery but I've also picked onion flowers, worked in the winery and did some chipping. When I first got here it was very hot, one day it got up to 47'C while we were working, the hottest day I have experienced period. At the end of January I went to the Rainbow Serpent music festival and had an amazing time but came back too broke and have been saving since. The work has been sparse at times so I've spent more time in Griffith than I wanted to but I have nearly all the harvest work experience I need for my second 1 year Visa. Day to day, I don't know whats going to happen, will I be out of work? will I get the girl? there is no sense of security of knowing whats going to happen tomarrow, which makes for an emotional roller coaster ride. I've met people from all around the world, been getting good at poker, better at cooking and trying to develop my drawing skills. In 5 days I fly to Broome, 4300 km away in an attempt to stick to my inital travel plans. Pearl diving season start in the beginning of April and I'm going to try to get on one of the ships, if not that, a prawn trawler, restaurant work and last resort is working the fields. The stinger season and monsoon season are finishing right now and it will be warm in the North. I've saved up in the last couple months but I'm going to need more to get my licence and a motorcycle and I'll need an extra 2500 around July to fly to Korea and meet up with my family.
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Cannotations of a Nomad (update)
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