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 Experiment with Alkahest's subtle eneries

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PostSubject: Experiment with Alkahest's subtle eneries   Tue Mar 30, 2010 1:29 pm

Dear friends,

Based on Nick's report from an older post; the vial that is filled with the liquid Alkahest from his initial experiment (described in the first ebook "The Universal Medicine"), emits a noticeable radiance in the room; which is peaceful and cleansing and creates positive mental and emotional changes. So it came in my mind, a report from the Borderlands Sciences Foundation titled "Vitic-Magnetic Vitality". In this report, is described a pair of hollow cylinders, one of copper and one of zinc, that when loaded with certain materials and held in the palms, measurable galvanic currents are induced within the body and also subtle energies of the copper rod's fillings (minerals,stones) are being induced/absorbed in the body along with the galvanic currents flow. A description of the rods' usage can be seen here:
By the way, I DO NOT advocate/suggest for any member of this forum to buy the Rods of Ra kit, because it is insanely and ridiculously expensive. My idea is: what if we load into a hollow copper rod, a glass or quartz tube filled with Alkahest; either in liquid or salt form; hold it in our right hand and in our left hand hold a zinc rod filled with loadstones or Neomidium magnet? Well in case that it cannot be found a hollow zinc rod, a tin tube can be used instead. From the Borderlands' report it can be seen that even simpler constructions have worked, such as a copper rod in the right hand and a simple inexpensive cow magnet having iron paper clips stack on it (for increased galvanic current flow); without any tubing held in the left hand. The principle is to directly induce and augment the subtle energies' flow/absorption of the Alkahest within the body by the use of the rods; holding them during meditation or relaxation. I think that these subtle energies can induce healing, rejuvenation and mental/spiritual expansion without needing to ingest the alkahest.
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PostSubject: Re: Experiment with Alkahest's subtle eneries   Tue Oct 22, 2013 5:03 pm

For those who are interested here's a page telling how to make these "healing rods"
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Experiment with Alkahest's subtle eneries
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