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 Best Wishes To Everyone Here ! ! !

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PostSubject: Best Wishes To Everyone Here ! ! !   Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:15 am

I feel I need to apologize for not participating for quite some time on this group.

The reason is simple: This forum was designed to discuss work on processes from Nick's books (which I have purchased almost as soon as they were published).

However, during the past half year (more or less) I have been working on entirely different methods and proceses, neither of which involve Dew, GW or similar substances. Neither does my current work involve mercury and/or other metals, because I have no intention to die of mercury poisoning. But astral energy is still a key ingredient, as Nick has pointed out so many times.

Given the fact that my current work no longer reflects the topics and processes discussed on this forum, I regretfully doubt that I may have anything to share in the context of this group's primary works.

I would like to express my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to Nick for his passion and enthusiasm, and for kindling the fire of alchemy in so many of us. I also want to wish everyone here best of luck on their chosen paths.

I am most certain that the Dew and GW paths can lead to interesting and satisfying results if well understood and taken all the way, which I unfortunately haven't done, given the changes in the direction of my personal work and research.

May we succeed in completing the great work of alchemy, each according to their inner guidance and path of choice.

My best wishes to everyone here ! ! !

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Best Wishes To Everyone Here ! ! !
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