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 seemingly shingles...

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PostSubject: seemingly shingles...   Sat Dec 18, 2010 6:48 pm

so, i may just be paranoid, but here's my case....

i was helping a friend that had gotten shingles about 2 weeks ago. a week later, i start getting some small red blisters behind my ear, which developed into scabs, and tingles and burns constantly. i haven't been scratching it at all, but doctors are telling me that shingles is something this isn't contagious, it's a dormant virus in my body becoming active, the chickenpox virus. shingles can develop at any time due to weakened immune system or stressful conditions, and as far as the doctor can tell it's purely random chance that i've gotten it the same time as my friend. i'm not so sure.

i have also ingested a small amount of the stone from silver that i made, but it is not 100% clean, i was burning off impurities when the glass pan i was using exploded and i had to collect what was left on the pieces i could find in some 100 proof vodka. i filtered it and it is a deep reddish color now, even though it was almost clear beforehand. i figured i had burned off most of anything hurtful in it, and the vodka would have sterilized it so bacteria isn't a worry, and put a few drops into a bottle of water i had and drank it over the course of 3 weeks. i'm really hoping all i have is shingles, not something that may need serious medicine...

does anyone have any advice on what to do? i am taking antibiotics and pain medication (that doesn't work) right now. i would be deeply grateful for a bit of advice. blessed be-
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seemingly shingles...
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