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 Post-Herpetic Neuralgia (from shingles)

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PostSubject: Post-Herpetic Neuralgia (from shingles)   Mon May 09, 2011 12:35 pm

so, the shingles healed up. and it still hurts. 5 months later, still hurts. on the spot i pulled the last bit of the shingles out, there is a dent in my head. now, i keep getting shaky hands, stuttering, my jaw twitches and chatters when i'm nervous or tired or cold or stressed or sometimes for no good reason. i've had so much trouble sleeping, like last night i didn't sleep at all. the best way i can describe how it makes me feel is......probably meek. it's very difficult to focus on some days, occasionally i get this weird right eye twitch. i get these headaches, right around the spots i had shingles (on my right ear, behind it all over the back half of the side of my head, and close to the middle of my neck). they're like a dull burning sometimes, sometimes like a tingling that won't stop that's under my skin, and it's hard to get it to stop doing it once it starts.

when i pulled the last bit of shingles out, it was like removing a chunk of my scalp, sorry for the visual but i need help. it's been driving me crazy, it never ends, and i don't know what will help me. i've looked up all the pharmaceutical "solutions" and don't approve of them. when i get a bit more stable, i intend to grow lion's mane mushroom and see if it can help. any advice beyond that would be a GODSEND! i looked up the diagnosis of this, it's called PHN for Post-Herpetic Neuralgia. some sources say it gets better with time, some say it get's worse with time. all the ways of dealing with it through pharmaceuticals are not aimed toward healing, but toward pain-management. i want this to stop. it drives me crazy. more people have actually committed suicide from PHN than anything else, giving it the nickname "the suicide disease". i'm nowhere near there, but can understand how someone could go insane from it. if anyone can help me, i am more than willing to work out something with you to work for your benefit in exchange. i can't even go to see a "doctor" if i wanted to, i don't have ID yet (working on it) or money or anything. please please contact me my email is and i have a cell phone now. email me for my cell phone number, i'm really praying for some help on this....god bless you.
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Post-Herpetic Neuralgia (from shingles)
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