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 My First OBE in awhile

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PostSubject: My First OBE in awhile   Sat Jun 02, 2012 1:53 pm


Just wanted to say that I read a little bit about astral travel last night and just the suggestion of it in my mind was enough to cause a lucid dream OBE. I visited you and saw you spirit guide! She is beautiful. You haven't mentioned her in a long time and I don't think about spirit guides hardly at all which is one thing that made me think it was a real travel and not just a dream.

I was talking with you and she hovered slightly above us looking over you. She had shoulder length brownish hair, was slightly smaller that a normal human would be, and hovered slightly higher that our heads. She was made up of kind of a light giving, but not bright light, magical kind of spirit material and her hair and really the rest too were not really well defined but kind of blurred and changing, or shimmering. And she did not have legs, when I saw her.

It was interesting when I was coming back into my body I could feel myself lowering down from faster vibraional levels and I calmly counted down the seconds as I was going to wake up.

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My First OBE in awhile
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