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 Volpierre Path and Nick's Pending Works

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PostSubject: Volpierre Path and Nick's Pending Works   Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:50 pm

The sight that sold Nick's printed books is down for good. I am wondering did anyone buy the Volpierre notes book he was offering? If so, are any of his notes in it? I believe he has an old commentary on it somewhere and I know he was planning on updating that note book with his current notes but may have never gotten to it.

This is the path I was waiting on.. as I do not have a great source of dew, and it not GW Exclamation . There does seem to be alot of promise in GW until we know or are enlightened to a better path.

Volpierre, while dangerous, would still be much preferred to me. There is alot to discuss on this, Not the least of which is did Nick succeed at this path. As we know the path of Nick's work led through several "it" things. The first of which was dew, then as a sure thing to get a process out to us GW, then the power of Iron, then Mercury, then radiation. This whole progression is something I want us to discuss and know well. As well as learn the prospect of each as the ancient sages and literature could show us. What was Nick on to that led him down this path, and also the electronics that he was thinking about.. mass to light, I would like to slowly over time pick up on some of that research too.

As for me receiving Nick's pending works, I haven't just yet, but be patient I am working on it. I should get the first of it in the mail in just days, and will work and update from there. How much of his Ascension work did he finish? And are there other valuable notes left? I know we are all thinking about it and I will do my best and let my good friends here know. Nick, as we have heard on this forum, had computer problems, and at the time he died did not have a computer. He did have a tablet. This may take some money to properly exract good info from. I will set up a donation button here on the forum where we can donate to that purpose and others, so be thinking about that.

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Volpierre Path and Nick's Pending Works
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