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 The Great Work - The Mathmetical Path

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PostSubject: The Great Work - The Mathmetical Path   Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:51 am

Greetings members,

I am hoping this is the right place to begin this thread. If it is not, would a mod please let me know and also move to the correct forum section.

I think what I will be describing qualifies as a "Practical" use of Alchemy. The only real difference here is that I plan to include a more detailed set of data that will be included among the testing results and procedures demonstrated.

I also hope that this method that I will be describing would develop into a "path" to the stone that has not existed would still consist of the same procedures found in the "wet" and "dry" paths described by the ancient text that was used with most all of Nick's work......

My ultimate long term goal here is to devise a very simple yet elegant math formula that could be used to describe the stone and how to create the stone of the first order.

First things first......

I would like to start by taking one of the paths described in Nick's book, the famous "wet" path using dew water or golden water from the human source, and follow the steps until completed and the stone of the 1st order is created.

I have not decided which exact method yet I want to follow as he had described more than one method that was using dew and/or golden water as the starting source materials.

If anyone has advice for which particular method I am always open for suggestion and constructive criticism.... Twisted Evil

Anyhow I will follow the steps listed in his book and detail the procedure here in this thread. Then after the stone of the first order is created, I will go backwards in steps from the posting data here in this thread and apply/create a math formula describing each step and outcome...

Then the final step would be condensing all those math steps into one simple equation.........the new and revised "E=mc2"

I will begin by describing the collection process that I use for both dew water and golden water of the human kind.

I feel that using the wet path requires you to prepare the collected dew or golden water before you attempt to the first distillation process. "When" you collect and "How" you collect I feel is equally important and over looked at times.

I will discuss the methods I use in detail on both the collection, and then the steps needed to prepare the collection for actual use. There is also a "pre" set of steps needed that will be detailed as well.......

To be continued.....I hope to get the initial first steps listed and detailed later today.....

Questions and comments are always welcome!

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The Great Work - The Mathmetical Path
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