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 My Experience with Nicholas Collette

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PostSubject: My Experience with Nicholas Collette   Thu Nov 01, 2012 9:23 pm

Hi there, fellow alchemists and seekers of occult truths.

I have long been roaming this forum, and it is not until recently, since Bluefloor took over, that I have been able to share my stroy with you, as Nick had the member sign up option blocked, which he told me several times he would undo for me.

About last year, while going through a huge alchemy phase, I contacted Nick. I explained to him my situation- that I was young, unemployed, a seeker of spirituality, and in poor health. I sought help in Nick, and asked him if he would be willing to sell me half of the usual amount of the Volpierre path elixir, for half the price, as I did not have $4000, but I did have almost $2000 saved up.

After some further emails, Nick agreed that not only would he do it for $2000, but he would send me the full amount, as well as some other alchemical elxirs/experiments he was working on. I was delighted, and of course being a trusting, and slightly naive person, I sent him the $2000 through money order. This was just before Christmas of last year, and he said he really needed the money for presents for his family etc., and if I got it to him before Christmas he would have it shipped off just before or just after Christmas.

After I got notice that he cashed the money order I did not hear from him for atleast a month. He then told me that he had received an airplance ticket from his sister to go visit her in Colorado? I believe it was, and that he had had to leave suddenly and that he was osrry, and that he would get on it.

We sent emails back and forth over the next couple months, and at one point I started to get frustrated and I explained to him that I had never spent that much money in my life one something before and that I had really trusted him and that I really needed healing and that I was starting to worry/have my doubts as if this would ever happen.

His reply was to act offended and tell me that I could either keep waiting and I eventually would indeed recieve what I ordred- the Elixir of Life itself, or that I could have my money back- but that too would take some time- probably longer! So obviously, I said that I would wait for the elixir and apololigized for doubting him.

Anyways this went on for months, and I was starting to really think he was a charlan, despite my having ordered all his books, and knowing that he did indeed possess very much knowledge on alchemy. I scowered(sp?) the internet for posts by him and found much. I was unsure as wether he was crazy or he actually did possess true alchemical knowledge- and honestly I still am. I was trying to find as much info on him at this point as possible, because I was worried that I would never recieve anything from him. I, at first, was just as much as a believer in ∴N.D.C∴ as anyone else on this forum, but honestly, he disapointed me and shook my beliefs to thier core- which he actually realized he porbably did and he apologized for this in his final email. His last few emails were very odd, it seemed as if he was in a bad place mentally, and I very much questionioned his sanity, and I still do. He told me that he was sorry, but that he was withdrawling from elixirs, and that he was going to die before a certain date. I forget many of the details, but he sent me several bizarre emails- I was using a hushmail account, and they delete your account if you dont sign in every 3 weeks. I have to pay a $30 fee to reactivate my account so I can get all my emails back, I havent gotten around to doing that yet, but I will for the forums benefit. I too wonder what really happened with Nick- if he was assasinated for trying to share this knowledge with us. It is rather strange that in the process of trying to send the Elixir of Life to several people- as I was not the only one he was sending it too he told me- that he never was able to complete it and he ended up dead?

When I get the emails I will post them here as they are very revealing as to Nicks mental state and future plans. He discussed a lot with me about alchemy and his elxixirs and what he was working on. I dont think he was a scam artists- he might have been unbalanced mentally- but I dont beleive he was a scam artist. I was wondering if he was going to fake his death though- as in his emails he told me he owed a lot of money- but it all seems pretty genuine. I also wonder if he killed himself- which from a skeptical persons view would probably seem most likely.

In my opinion, near the end he was suffering from mercury poisoning. As in his emails to me he told me that he had been distilling mercury in his backyard during the eveings, everynight for weeks. This is the same time period his emails to me and his messages on the forum took a dark twist? So that was my though. He was working with a lot of dangerous chemicals and metals, and they are known to affect you mentally, so it may very well be possible. I would very much like to know the results of the toxicology test.

I wanted to make this post a long time ago, as I forget most of the details. I have just went on with my life, but at the time I was very depressed and upset, as I put so much hope in Nick. I thought he was going to change my life. I never did get anything from him, evgen though in his last email he claimed he was going to send me more than my moneys worth before he died? I found this all very disturbing, and it actually pushed my occult studies away from alchemky and back towards grimoire and renassaince magick, high/ritual magick, and folk magick and afro-brazilian afro-cuban folk traditions such as voodoo, santeria, candomble etc.

For a while I wondered if there really was any philosophers stone, and if there really was any end the to the maze of alchemical texts. It seems like a wild goose chase sometimes. But I again believe in the art of alchemy. There were too amy alchemists, manuscripts, and testaments of the philsophers stone, for it not to be real. We just have to reaquire this lost knowledge. I fully intend to experiment with alchemy when I have more money, which should be very soon actually.

I have Nicks book, and it is a straightfoward guide to amking the elixir, though honestly most of it, if not all, is taken from the RAMS archive, particularily and mostly the Potpouri Alchemia book. He did make the instructions clearer and easier and also seemed to add his own experiences to the book, but I honestly wonder if he ever completed any of these processes? What do you guys think? Why hasn't anyone here finished the work?

Did Nick even have the elixir? IN some places he said yes and others no. Whats with that?

All in all, I respect and appreciate what Nick did and started- but all in all it never went where he wanted and he promised SO much more. I was really bummed out he never finished his other books- BUT DID THEY EXIST? Did he even start them? Where are his 100's of photographs? It seems the book he did release was taken almost entirely from RAMS' Potpouri Alchemia, and the rest of the books he sold on that sight were also not by him and were books from the RAMS website. Honeslty its all quite suspicious, and he seems more like a charlatan and a plagerizer(sp?) than anything, but I do believe his aims were good, and I respect what he wanted to do, I just dont think he was as honest about his works as some of you seem to think. And really, do you? Honestly folks, I am not a skeptical person, I really did believe and considered myself a follower of ∴N.D.C∴, but in the end all I got was disapointment and bad vibes from him. He seemed more like a nut than an alchemist in his emails. Though he also did have good insight into practical labratory alchemy. As you can see I am really unsure as what to think about Nick. I want to believe, but after all this I just dont know if I believe in ∴N.D.C∴, not saying I dont believe in alchemy.

All in all, R.I.P. Nick, and I hope you guide us all down the path towards truth and the elixir of life.

After my his last email to me, I had a feeling I wouldnt be hearing from him again, and I have to admit I wasnt that surprised about what happened. He told me straight up that he was going to die before ____ (such and such a date, I forget- I think it was May 24). I was hoping that he would release some of his unfinished material/books before he left us, or leave us with some final guiding advice, and most of all I hoped he would send me my elixir- but none of this ever happened, and I felt stupid.

I will definately be sending HushMail the money so I can reactivate my account and get these emails back, as they are interesting, and he said a lot of stuff regarding himself, aclchemy, the forum, and his future plans. I just cant remember it all as it was almost a year ago. I know it is kinda sketchy that I cant show you the emails, but I assure you I will get them and post them here for you. I just wanted to share my story in the meantime, and just kinda introduce myself. I dont mean to say anything negative about Nick, and I really did look up to him, but my mind keeps telling me I was foolish, and that he was just a normal guy- probably with more problems that myself.

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PostSubject: Re: My Experience with Nicholas Collette   Thu Nov 01, 2012 9:56 pm


I am sorry for the spelling errors, I will fix them later if I can edit it, but I just have been really wanting to share my stroy with the forum, and its late and I am tired, so I just briefly wrote this to share wioth you guys, but I will have more detials, and I will tell you more about my experience with Nick and the things he said regarding alchemy. Until then (as I have to reactivate my old email account to get these messages, it says my emails will still all be there) I would really be curious to know what you guys think about this whole experience.

I know Nick was going through things that I probably cant imagine, but then theres also the part of me that wonders if he was just a scam artist, and that he may not be dead and hes reading all our posts right now and hes just some wierdo, lol. I know this isnt true, but it is wierd that hes dead and that he told me and you that he was going to be dead, unless he:
a)killed himself
b)was killed
c)something more sinister/supernatural and disturbing
d)or it was just his time and hes meant to do things somewhere else

Or its all a big scam. I really dont know what to think, thats why I post all this for you to read. I really want your opinion.

I don't mean to offend anyone, and I know this was his forum, and I should respect the dead, and I'm not trying to disrespect Nick, not at all, I just wish things had of gone differently, and I want all of you to be aware of my thoughts and worries too. I would rather think of Nick as an ascended master and a true seeker and possesser of the truths and methods of alchemy, than a charlatan or an insane person. My end beliefe is a bit of both- I think he did possess true alchemical knowledge and he did spend a lot more time studying the manuscripts and literature than most people, and also had a gift at deciphering them, but I alos think he may have been unbalanced mentally, and this is not so much because of the things he said on the forum, but the last few messages he sent to me, and some of his more far out beliefs (though I have plenty of those and I never take anything off the table- anything is possible- in the words of Albert Einstien: "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

Its a strange world/universe and I have had many strange/ impossible experiences and I am aware of the strange things that exist and happen everyday, and the spirital/occult nature of reality, I am not at all a skeptic and I want you guys to remember that. I just really don't know what to think about ∴N.D.C∴.

I am glad that I have finally gotten to share this with you guys, and that I am finally a member of the forum- that another thing- Nick constantly told me he would change the sign up setting so that I could create an account, and I dont think its anything hard to do, but he never did. I wondered if he didnt want me sharing this with the forum and he knew he was keeping my money? I don't know- it bugged me he never did that and he constantly said he would, and it honestly made me suspicious.

I think we should all carry on with our alchemical experiements in the memory of Nick, and hopefully he will guide us to success.

I would very much like for this forum to become more active, which it appears to be cheers
and have a more working and practical forum for other seekers of alchemcal information. I have been an armchair alchemist for too long, and I am sure some of you feel this way too, and I really just want to start doing the lab work myself. Unfortunately, you really need to know what your doing and what you need all ahead of time, and labware is somewhat pricey, I get why most of us haven't gotten very far. I just would have assumed that with all the methods in Nicks book, someone would have gotten it by now, you know what I mean?

Now that Nick is deceased, do you think it would be appropriate to scan and post Nicks book(s) onto the forum for us all. Its not like he losing out on any money, and they arent selling his books on that website anymore. I dont think it would be harmfull to Nick, and it would be helpfull for members.

About me:
Location: Ontario, Canada
Interests: History/the past, medeival/renassaince europe, South and central america, indeginous cultures, anceint cultures, anthropology, books, manuscripts, grimoires, religious and sacred texts, the occult, alchemy, kabbalah, angels, demonology, evocation, herbology and botany, natural health, natural medicine, herbal medicine and alchemy, nature, travel, knowldge, diy, self sustainablity, urban homesteading, off grid living, 2012, new age, writing, reading, learning, music, mythology, horror novels and movies, antiques, oddities
Favourite musicians: The Beatles, John Lennon, The Doors, THe White Stripes, Nirvana
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PostSubject: Re: My Experience with Nicholas Collette   Thu Nov 01, 2012 10:08 pm

What an experience. I wouldn't worry, I think you are respectful and sincere in what you've said.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I can feel your frustration and emotional roller coaster. I too felt that Nick was sincere, but for some reason he had emotional issues. I too would love to see the photos and videos he took, and all the stuff he wrote for his books, and his art work. I hope these things exist(ed) at least.

I too wonder did nick make the Elixir? Did he follow the leyden process and succeed? he said he did then he said he didn't, why the inconsistency? Why did he not send you the medicine? I too would like to read these emails that you have. But, i would like to point out nick probably never intended his private emails become so public on a forum.

I always felt Nick was authentic and actually very sincere. But I know he must have had issues that i am not aware of, issues that caused him to generally suffer especially towards the end, may God rest his soul and bless him infinitely and grant him blissful eternal life. I think he was a brave soul.

Good idea for scanning all of nick's work and putting it here (or a torrent). I second that, let's do it to preserve his work!

Praise be to Trismegistus

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PostSubject: Re: My Experience with Nicholas Collette   Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:58 pm

Hi Paracelcus,

It is very sad that Nick has left us, and also very sad that we are left with this confusion. It is very troubling that all this time he said that he has in fact made a test passing stone by many different methods but then in his last days he was struggling to find a path that would work so that he could send an elixir out to people. It is very confusing.

Maybe I can answer one question though. Was he a charlatain just out to get peoples money? Extremely unlikely. If so he chose a very very strange and drawn out method to get there. I followed him for a full two years before he even asked for a dime for anything. He was building these great websites, giving out his books for free, answering people's mails, and helping people on the forum all for free. It was only then after that full two years of following him that he started charging a small price for his books that he had worked hard on, and then eventually the elixirs.

That is why it is so strange that he left owing a few people large chunks of money. I think he just went too long not charging money and then some things fell apart and he was up against the wall. He was doing quite well selling his jewelry and it seems he would have continued to make good money doing that if he just could have kept a credit card merchant account going.

I am so sorry it ended this way. We are just going to have to figure it out ourselves. Seeing those e-mails will help alot, I am looking forward to seeing them.

As for me, I love the guy. I feel like I am what he intended to create, and illuminated alchemist. I had never even heard of alchemy when I found Nick. Now my eyes are opened to this unbelievable world. I have seen enough of the "magic" or "supernatural" things in the world to absolutely know that the mundane world so many believe in, is not all there is, I know there is more, personally, from direct experience. I am going to stay here and finish the work for myself.

And what a time to be here. We have Merc who is appearantly succeeding at the work and teaching us as he goes. I think these paths work. We will find out.

Also, there is a very simple reason why people here have not succeeded. No one here has been all the way through one of these processes. It takes a lot of ramping up, practice, etc. Also it is not always easy to find a place to work and to fit this into your life.
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PostSubject: Re: My Experience with Nicholas Collette   Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:11 pm

Hi Blueflor,paracelsus777 and every body

Hi Blueflor I am total agree with you nik was large and had a huge heart (sometimes had his edgy personality, but often this is characteristic of personality of genius with the fees and surrounded by natural light and some shadows but no one is perfect) and also absolutly I do not think at all in any way that nobody has tried to plunge ok some of us have lost money in reservations of books ( true but this is only he not have tine to finish him extraordinary work the new book etc .... and later we lost him ) BUT the work of alchemical revelation made ​​is priceless and its global dissemination project he wanted to do was really great and deserves only (total sharing) estimates total respect and total and abolutly admiration, and its ability to search multifaceted and rapid placement of data and comparison alchemy was really great last but not least see his last notes volpier path arcane arcanorun antimony sulfur solar ( this is very similar to the instructions RC * of the manuscripts RC* Arcana Divina silentiun Dei etc) him interpretaion exstraordinary of mutus liber his brilliant studies of red mercury sierum 525 and correlations with radioactivity and (perhaps with radon?) and the research on the true dew (tears of dawn?) (lignus vitae?) etc etc etc. have found a precise underlying theme in this truly brilliant
but unfortunately in the end went through a period of abyss and because of that we have all lost a true being exceptional and this tragic and left all in confusion, but certainly by the light where he sees us and try to orient ourselves still in many ways the alchemical path
very thanks to paracelsus777 we can read his latest e-mail and I hope this will be helpful to all of us thank you paracelsus777

Blueflor instead of testing texts indicatici by NIK and doocumenti RC and etc and other results and the not results obtained or not obtained I am writing in a proper thread not to go off topic here

* RC internal degrees
for the Golden R.C. internal degrees for to have a very very good general overview with also instructions alchemical operative very interestig and the dep indication of oprativite alchemical internal of the degrees of the golden rosa cross is the very very interesting the (German) book of Bermhard Beyer Das Lehrsystem des Ordens der Gold- und Rosenkreuzer. Pansophia - Urquellen inneren Lebens.
In amazon : (now i found and i attach version itatian in thread Thesauro Thesaurorum )

my best regards alexbr

::::::::::::::::::originale italiano:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

salve Blueflor ,paracelsus777 e a tutti

io sono d’accordissimo con te nik era un grande e aveva un cuore enorme ( a volte aveva la sua personalità spigolosa ma spessissimo questa è caratteristica delle personalità geniali con i corrispettivi e naturali immerse luci e talune ombreggiature ma nessuno è perfetta ) e anche io non credo minimamente come te che abbia cercato di tuffare nessuno ok alcuni di noi abbiamo perso i soldi nelle prenotazioni dei libri ( certo ma questo solo perche non è riuscito a finire il suo lavoro straaordinario che stava facendo nuovo libro etc ,,,,e poi lo abbiamo perso ) MA il lavoro di rivelazione alchemica che ha fatto è inestimabile e il suo progetto di divulgazione mondiale che voleva fare era veramente eccezionale e merita solo (totale condivisione ) stima rispetto e totale ammirazione e la sua capacità di ricerca poliedrica e di rapido collocamento dei dati e comparazione alchemica era veramente eccezionale non ultime si vedano le sue ultime note volpier il percorso dell’antimonio arcana arcanorun lo zolfo solare ( Questa è molto simile alle istruzioni dei manoscritti RC* Arcana Divina Silentiun Dei etc )
mutus liber i suoi geniali studi sul mercurio rosso sierum 525 e correlazioni con radioattività e (forse col radon?) E la ricerca sulla vera rugiada ( lacrime della aurora?) (lignus vitae?) etc etc etc avere trovato un preciso filo conduttore in tutto ciò veramente geniale
ma purtroppo alla fine ha attraversato un periodo di baratro e a causa di ciò tutti noi abbiamo perso un vero essere eccezionale e questo e tragico e ha lasciato tutti nella confusione ma certamente dalla luce dove è lui ci vede e proverà a orientarci ancora sotto diversi aspetti sul sentiero alchemico
grazie aparacelsus777 potremo leggere le sue ultime e mail e questo spero sarà utile a tutti noi grazie paracelsus777

invece Blueflor su sperimentazione su testi indicatici da NIK e doocumenti RC* e altro etc e risultati e non risultati ottenuti o non ottenuti ti scrivo in un thread apposito per non andare qui fuori tema

* RC internal degrees
for the Golden R.C. internal degrees for to have a very very good general overview with also instructions alchemical operative very interestig and the dep indication of oprativite alchemical internal of the degrees of the golden rosa cross is the very very interesting the (German) book of Bermhard Beyer Das Lehrsystem des Ordens der Gold- und Rosenkreuzer. Pansophia - Urquellen inneren Lebens.
In amazon : (now i found and i attach version itatian in thread Thesauro Thesaurorum )

i mie migliri saluti alexbr

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PostSubject: Re: My Experience with Nicholas Collette   Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:37 pm

Hi Paracelsus777,

thx for sharing both your story and feelings. I agree with Pray, in saying you were fair in your comments about Nick. You have many reasons to have been angry with him but you choose not speak ill of him, now that he is gone.

As more come out and share personal experiences, good or bad, we are given an opportunity to understand Nick and mis-understood life.
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PostSubject: Re: My Experience with Nicholas Collette   Tue Nov 13, 2012 4:15 pm

I highly respect nick. I am sure many, including myself, owe him, if it wasn't for his research, his books, his willingness to come out (and face ridicule by many) to show us that there is hope, that alchemy is real, to share his vast knowledge, many of us might have never taken alchemy seriously. I dare not say anything negative about him as I, and probably everyone here, do not know the whole story, we have no right to pass judgment. This is my position. I respect him, i am thankful for him, i am for ever impressed by his efforts, and glad that nick was nick and that he existed, i pray god that nick is somewhere better now. I am just a newbie, my opinion does not matter, and my words should be taken as such. I know better than to judge, i don't care to neither do i have enough insight nor desire to judge in any way. This is his website, we all must respect his space and his legacy and only speak of him with respect and discretion. Let's not let our egos do us or someone else any disservice, we are all brothers, seekers and i wish myself and every true seeker success. Remember, perhaps one day we might meet nick again. Alchemists dont really die. Watch this I learned a lot about alchemy, surprisingly, from this interview.

I have hope that he is alive and well now.

I only wish I contacted nick years and years ago when i first came across his website. I wish I had worked on alchemy earlier, perhaps i might have got to succeed and meet with him.
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PostSubject: Re: My Experience with Nicholas Collette   Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:05 pm

Am I the only one who recalls the fact that or even take the time to review what he wrote on the home page

He says flat out boldly "What sets this forum apart from any other on the web is how we make the true Elixir of Life, and don't argue about theories and philosophies like what is so common on all the other forums. "

Not a single one of you have ever made it or even gotten close to it...........

One thing I am not.... I am not a man of opinions, I personally dont have an opinion of nick or any human being for that matter

Its all a matter of what you say vs what you actually do

And if you really truly review his text he was very bold in claiming how he knew it all and how he wanted to share it to the world, even get on tv channels and talk about it on the news..... every single thing as far as alchemy goes is against the entire art itself

which is completely disrespectful to the art itself, AND he would have did all of you a service to tell you to STUDY NATURE

You all needed to be Nature's students... not his students

There is so much man power here that has gone to waste because of made up ideals about alchemy from a man who didnt understand it

Now personally if he can get $2000 and cough up nothing

Just to prove my point Someone can cough up $1000 grand to myself and I will personally fly to where ever you stay and use the money you gave me to explain every single solitary detail to everything that I do and I bet you will finally understand JUST TO PROVE ALL OF THE FRAUD.... The only thing I would request is that once I do this only 1 time I will never do it again, and you will have a witness to everything I say

AND! just so you are legally safe you are welcome to write up a contract and fax it to me, I will sign it and fax it back to you

I can stand firmly on my own WORD and I do MY BEST to honor my WORD because if a man does not have his word he has nothing

And honestly as arrogant as nick used to act some times, and how arrogant a lot of people are on this forum, I have every right to be even more arrogant and even then I choose not to... but one thing I WILL NOT STAND FOR is LIES that can KILL YOU and/or WASTE VALUABLE TIME AND MONEY

we can do this just like business men and if I don't come through on my word you are welcome to send me to jail and/or sew me
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PostSubject: Re: My Experience with Nicholas Collette   Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:09 pm

yes nick was a very odd character but when people say that no one who has tryed his methords has made the stone they themselves are taking a stab in the dark.

I think I have heard of people having a result with at least some of nicks methords but that might just be a rumore or even a down right lie. this is the internet after all a minefield of misinformation.

The number of people who got his book is small and the group of people who tryed his processes even smaller. nick also says that the processes involved with his methords are not 100%.

so the group of people who give up after a few trys need to be filtered out from that population. so the final number of people who made the stone will be extreamly small. its called the great work for a reason!

now the group of people that meet all the above criteria and have tryed this fourm. there may be non in this excussive group at all.

the people who might of made the stone may keep silent about it or simply not be intrested in this fourm. the number of people who attack nick over the internet would probably over-shadow there claims anyway.

this forurm has recently become a melting pot for pathalogical-science and psudo-alchemy so anyone who made the stone might want to keep way because people on this fourm might attack them of even make demands and threats.

this is probably what nick was trying to prevent by banning certain people.
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PostSubject: Re: My Experience with Nicholas Collette   Thu May 01, 2014 8:18 pm

Bumping this thread  lol! 
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PostSubject: Re: My Experience with Nicholas Collette   

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My Experience with Nicholas Collette
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