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 THe Universal Language

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PostSubject: THe Universal Language   Tue Feb 05, 2013 2:10 am

I wanted to share something that i stumbled onto during my studies that blew my mind.I had several dreams that after studying john dee and kelly's experiance i thought it to be fake until i heard the language in dream.I picked dee because so many people were talking about him doing ritual magick from his system of Enochain but it was never intended for this purpose.By the time i'm done with this article you will know my sincerity of my searches because i too have called for truth and whats real.I know i will have to give account for what i say so you will know and have my word and sworn by my spirit that what i'm about to put is 100% real.When i have experiances i have done no mind altering drugs to induce effect because why see something a drug effects and why not see it sober and know its real.Everytime i enter the ritual chamber of calling i let the mind free but do not effect it with drugs to get the experiance.

After studying dee my first time i started to doubt its system and what it offered because it sounded weird.After studying a page of the manuscript on the Language i uttered a sentence before i went to bed one nite.Not knowing if any experiance would be brought out i went to sleep only to get awoke by a dream of me standing in circle of people who were looking at me then started to chant the language.I felt the energy hit my hearts center and arise in my body it started to fill me in a very watery weird way.When i looked up in the room i was in a shaft of light hit my body and it splintered outward then i woke up.That was the first dream the next one was after i spoke another line that nite when i layed down the dream started me outside and i was looking at the place where i was living then the same light effect hit the house and it was like ok i'm here your in the spotlight
what do you want is how i felt in the dream then the dream ended.After repeated study i asked if it was real and could be trusted show me a sign to let me know.After picking up the monad and reading it one day i was hit by seeing a page within that had quanities talked about how much GOLD for certain measurments you would get and had some weird drawing on the page.I thought nothing of it then after i closed the book and decided to go eat after i came back i could not get my mind off the book,i knew i'm me heart by reading the book it was talking about how to make something but i did not know what.I tried to flip back to page i saw that talked about gold measurments because i thought it was interesting and i could not find page.I was like Shocked wtf i flipped through that book page by page looking for it and nothing that was the first experiance i saw that let me know the work needed to be examined more.Once it hit me during my studies about the elixer and needing to be sealed john dees monad made more sense by the enclosed Glyph in the egg like atmosphere it was in.I did not realise the monad was the process of making the elixer or shall i say the philosophical mercury of the alchemists.They said the liquid turned Yellow like gold after mixing in all that you needed.Once i understood what the glyph was and i heard of the elixer i started down its path of wanting to know more for a liquid that makes longer life able to be experianced takes a person from on their deathbed and revives them turning base metals into gold and opening the mind to use more than just the 25% they say we do.I was facinated by the study and it lead me into Roger bacon,Nicholas flammel,Albertus magnus and others paracelsus for 1 i knew worked it because i saw an article that stated the matter extacted for the work was also in the blood and its what helps heal the wounds and i read an article about Paracelsus taking the elixer with him hidden in a compartment in the sword he use to carry with the symbol of the AZOTH on the hilt.He said when he went into battle he would have it with him.I found that story interesting initself and i kept being lead around stories of the people who were making it or if not hinted just enough because from what i found it was not in 1 book no they had to be a smartass and scatter it throughout many books i was like study for a while.I stumbled onto the R.A.M.S stuff like nick but at the time i knew nothing about nick so after i saw he had the Rams stuff too i was like ok maybe these are a bit more complete than i thought.It was 3 discs loaded with books that i had hoped were complete because while studying authors not all put all the info there it may be missing pages.Its one thing you deal with,with these kinds of study because they do not want it getting out so what better way than to scatter the info which makes sense because if you got how to do it it was by GOD or some divine intervention that would get u through the studies to the grail that lied in the center of the Labrynth.

After studying all this after john dee i was lead to Johannes Trithemius whos art of cryptography was interesting to study and so many secrets hidden by these methods that in some books or grimoires we find the symbols would tell stories on secrets if you knew what you were looking at.Through more of the study it finally lead me to Saint Hildegard of Bingen
1098 – 17 September 1179.It predated john dee's work in the Universal language she called it the Lingua ignota.A series of drawings that were al alphabet to help understand it and the inspiration she was lead through.she has been recognized as a saint by parts of the Roman Catholic Church for centuries. On 7 October 2012, Pope Benedict XVI named her a Doctor of the Church.It was interesting i was lead to this name by a study me and this other person were doing on extracting crystal oils and i wanted to study on amythist oil and the name poped in there for the use of this oil as a medicine and i was then lead to Hildegard.Not knowing about the language she said she heard and recorded the result i then was lead to the ACTUAL book scans of the whole copy and as i looked into it my mouth dropped.I have more to share but i wanted to share this because it was one experiance along with the rest that when u ask for things and stuff like this was shown i can't wait to see what else it has to offer i just felt i had to write this to show others my Sincerity in the work and when you see it you will know that what i study is more than just mind tricks and books that only misguide.Like i said i was lead here hopefully that by the end of the study i can make the elixer and share what others have been impacted with because i know the effects are amazing i have read enough about it to want to know more and i hope by sharing on this site i can impact others who know nick to let him know i really would like a copy of the Universal Medicine book and i would love to pay for a copy of it or somehow obtain a copy and in return i will vow and i do vow my secrecy on this site this info will not be shared with no one.My search for the stone is a personal one because i would like to flip my middle finger to death and tell Azriel/Gabriel not this time and go away.Not only that but this study is truley amazing and i hope to inspire while i write my own experiances thnx for reading and if i can one day obtain this book or be lead on how too it would greatly finish i know the work that has haunted me for so long.I have stumbled onto a piece of it on the internet only 37pgs of it i know the info is not all there but it fueled me to want to read the whole thing and to quench my soul by taking the elixer is my dream 1 day and 1 day i will see it because i have gotten this far in 4yrs thats not bad in a subject i knew nothing about and still learning about........All those who study this path including myself i have to stand up to honour the alchemists whose lives were spilt jailed and destroyed for this stuff and for those who may still be around its awesome to know that because of your spiritual experiances the elixer would not be so.......
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THe Universal Language
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