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 The Elixer's message

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PostSubject: The Elixer's message   Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:57 pm

i hope by this spiritual experiance i had will let you know my seeking for all this.When i started down this path in 1994 on the spiritual side of the search because when i was little i already knew spirits existed because not only at night i could see the images walking around the room but it freaked me out enough to have my bed against the wall my whole life.I would have dreams of my room and seeing these shadows and not only seeing but feeling it as well.I know this sounds crazy but it has lead me this far already with the hauntings to prove it.Some recently a few months back me and a friend started to talk about experiances with spiritual phenomina and when i started in on mine i could feel an energy shift in the room,the air got staticy and once i told him of a ritual i was not suppose to see because you have to be a member to see it,i was invited to the ritual that changed me from atheist to i had my mind blown in what i saw,and once i shared what i saw after the ritual he pulls out this book and to my amazment he says to read what he had pointed too and i litterly froze in my spot.The exact experiance i had there in black and white it not only changed my life but my eyes broke the veil and the energy that engulfed the room,the temp dropped lotciably well and that was only the start.I then saw a spiritual face enter the egyptian mask he had hanging above the altar.I could see eyes looking around the room something went into that mask.After i saw this my mind started to wonder on what i was seeing thinking ok this is just my mind this is just my mind,i looked at the mask and asked in my mind to show me if it was real and i was not just seeing things.The eyes looked at me right after i said it and i decided to meditate on it and i sat on the floor and closed my eyes this is where it got interesting.I started to feel a tingling in my feet like they were geting ready to fall asleep my mind started to lock on it because i hate the falling assleep in feet feeling it sucks but this feeling started to rise in my body slowly like a liquid and the tingling rose with it.By the time it hit my chest my heart started to pound i started to feel uneasy and i could feel the electrical surge and by the time it hit my head,it was like drinking 100000000000000 energy drinks at once i could not handle the preasure of this electric flow and just before my mind what going to give in and snap is what it felt like the energy started to go back down slowly and in my mind i saw a flash then a brilliant light was walking to me and as it got closer to my body my whole spirit started to shake i could feel it very strongly and it bowed my head i could not look at it but i could see it from the tops of my eyes walking to me and it got like day around me when it was next to me.It said the things you see here,you will not understand yet but in time you will,i was amazed st hearing this and then i snaped out of the meditation state and the feeling was still going down my legs till it was gone.While the face was in the mask the energy of this entity engulfed the room so much it seemed to bend reality because the walls were swaying slowly during its manifestation and when i read in the book and i knew nothing of their books after the ritual the priest shows me this page and after reading it in black and white it taled about if the entity was there for real you would experiance the swaying of the walls was the first sign and the temp drop because heat holds electricity and once these entities start to manifest they pull out the electrical current in the air also known for its matter effects in the elixer u will get cold spots or the whole room will drop in temp.After i shared this and after the ritual we were sitting talking about it all and i asked the priest i was like yea if i could get more physical proof i think i would be good.He started to close his eyes then opened them about 5secs later then said ok you will get your proof.I was looking at the priest like ok this guy is weird but i had to go to the bathroom,they went out of the room i went down the hallway and in the middle of the hallway i felt this hot sting on my legs and arms and it freaked me out.They were in living room this hallway is long enough i would have heard them behind me but i got candle wax somehow that stung me and there were no candles in the hallway lite.This experiance and ongoing ones still and each time i start to get deep like as i write this i can feel as if they are there and when you feel them you will know i'm not lieing because i hate that feeling sometimes but its awesome because it lets me know when something out of the norm is there.I have learned how to work with this ability since i was young enough to know these hauntings would grow stronger that in time i had witnesses with me when my friends old truck clock came on one night and was counting upwards stuck on 3am but counting upwards till 59 then redoing it.After i was seeing this and he did not have keys in truck,i called for him to come out and he did and i asked please tell me i'm not seeing that and i pointed to his truck that had this lite coming from his dash and his mouth dropped as well as mine.I asked him if that ever happened before and he sayd no he has neverr seen that before.That was one experiance plus i have more.Everything from dishes flying off the counters from where i worked and no body touched em for 3 to just pop off and crash hitting a cook in the head i was like ok wow.I have come to understand the deeper you dig you have to be careful and you have to ground your mind alot because what you may see may change your life forever.

The study of this Elixer i happened to just stumble onto.I did not look for it i swear,i did not even know what alchemy was until i was inspired by seeing extra pages in manuscripts that i would be studying and one such method to call these entites i traced through 600 years of use.The weirdest thing was 3 months ater bringing in this manuscript my roomate starts hearing voices and he starts wigging out to the point in 3 months he killed his 2 dogs and had i not have been there and woken up to the animal yelp he would have bled to death.I was shocked that he was normal the whole time and right when i was at my peek in research this occurance happens.I have much more and a library of Manly Palmer hall books if anyone wants copies of these they are very nice to look at plus it has the working of the elixer in it but i will hush on this one because i know nick is doing it by his pics i have found the liquid colors to watch out for the distilling of the dew i will stop but i hope this inspiration of an experiance will tell others that i am a seeker out here looking because it found me now i have questions because of what its showing me and just to get like minded individuals will let me know i'm not going crazy too because what i have as far as books all i can say is this path is very spiritual and sometimes when you least expect it they come and when they did it was weird that they always picked saturn.I am still understanding why always from 2am-5:50am it was very active and sometimes to the point that 1 dream lasted from 2am to 5am and what i saw freaked me out just a bit.I will stop here but i hope i can find others who have had some weird experiances and i hope by the end of this study i can learn the equipment of the stone a bit more like the distiller,Pelican,and different stages of Sublimation.i hear 10 of them but i'm not for sure if thats correct.Well done nick and your right about what u say"You wish you could have had a book like this" and i was like yep i know i wish i did it would have cut off about 10yrs of the research lol.I am glad to see it for real on some of the pics i have seen.I only hope in time to see the whole book of the universal medicine book that to me is worth the paying for or else i would not have been lead here and maybe my story hit the right person to let them know what i experianced that maybe i ws not alone experiancing this kinda stuff.Nice to see someone else out here onto the stone and from what i read the experiance of the peacock and watching each stage of perfection thats 1 thing in my life that after reading about it i could not wait to see it.If interested nick i have one heck of a library over 26 discs of 700mb each loaded about the Alkahest and all sorts of stuff.Some in german,latin,plus i will post a pic of a rare manuscript of alchemy that talks about the orobos and i thought it would be nice to share it.Some may have seen it but this will let you know my searching is not all in vein even though yea it sounds weird how u think i feel experiancing it plus having 3 others who heard the broken doorbell ring like it was new plus an object flew of the shelves and 2 others saw it and i was in reno NV at the time.Like i said i lie about nothing and will not on this site because maybe others can compair there experiances justa bit.If you guys want copies of the books just email and i will get back to you.And thx for the site nick and its nice to finally meet the individual behind the articles i was studying around Fulcanelli and i know he was working the stone.
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The Elixer's message
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