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 About the energy the demons are taking

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PostSubject: About the energy the demons are taking   Tue Feb 05, 2013 9:09 pm

i wanted to reply to this because i thought it was close to one i had

Subject: Re: Demons taking something from the sleeping people Sat Mar 14, 2009 1:43 am


"This story makes me think of Felix's friend and her nightmares where she had demons in her dream and she couldn't move.

Maybe these are spirits that feed off of fear and attempt to cause nightmares in order to gather food.

Just a guess" end of post

I had a dream one time i could not move and the fear behind my locked body as this dream i had lasted 3 hrs.It started about around 2am and it finished about 5:50am.I drempt of me being in the room how i was on my bed but i could not move like i was just parylized.I kept seeing something moving around the room but it was dark and i kept getting the urge like there was something there but i could not see it.The dream woke me up during the whole 3hrs of it and each time i did i tried to wash my face to think ok this dream can stop lol! when after enough of it i turned on my light for a bit and i fell sleep like that and i was pulled right back into the dream only standing in my room somewhere there came this girls voice sounded like she was getting murdered the scream then it went straight from a scream to a growl unlike anything i have ever heard.I have yet to still find a growl to match that 1.The not being able to move thing is weird in dream sorry i had to comment on that 1 i know its old Wink

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About the energy the demons are taking
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