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 Let me explain wisdom

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PostSubject: Let me explain wisdom   Fri Mar 15, 2013 5:23 pm

wisdom does not necessarily mean, smarter, more intelligent, or claiming to have infinite knowledge but those things can fit within wisdom

I call myself a sage on the note "I have the wisdom I wanted" not that i have the wisdom of all things, I sufficiently practiced hermetic philosophy for 6 years and learned how to apply them efficiently, and while nature has infinite secrets it has unchanging principles and its only the unchanging principles i mastered... im not master of the universe nor am i the master of men, i have mastered myself and nature

alchemy spawned from hermetic principles which is how you have the art

this is an art and a science by reason that science is just merely the tools for you the artist to use

someone with little intelligence but a pure heart can do wonders in this art being that its just that... an art..... these alchemist endeavor to explain the infinite artistic aspect of nature itself its growth and evolution without very sophisticated speech

wisdom is having the ability to use your tools (the science) to bring about effects in as easy and as short of a time as possible without much labor or work.... but the less time and labor spent on the great work is balanced out by the amount of understanding you have and how much wisdom you exercise

wisdom is even seen in animals, in plants, in the earth, wisdom can be seen in nature as nature is infinitely wise in all of its operations and it is up to you the artist to use nature as an inspiration towards your works, the best books tell you to observe nature, and i listened and yielded great and infinite profits (by profit i dont only mean money) now i look at every corner of the earth as gold in potential

increase thy understanding and watch your mind bloom into a new creature, the sophisticated knowledge will not help you but the understanding will profit you for life

wisdom is called a woman and nature is called a mother because it gives birth and rebirth in many ways

alchemist endeavor not to explain nature, but to mimic nature in all of its operations.....

"(31) In this book I have therefore written the naked truth, though clothed or disguised with few colors; yet so that every good and wise man may happily have those desirable apples of the Hesperides from this our philosophers tree. Wherefore praises be given to the most high God, who has poured into our soul of his goodness; and through a good old age, even an almost infinite number of years, has truly filled our hearts with his love, in which, methinks, I embrace, cherish, and truly love all mankind together. But to return to out business. Truly our work is perfectly performed; for that which the heat of sun is a hundred years in doing, for the generation of one metal in the bowels of the earth; our secret fire, that is, our fiery and sulphureous water, which is called Balneum Mariae, doth as I have often seen in a very short time.

(32) Now this operation or work is a thing of no great labor to him who knows and understands it; nor is the matter so dear, consideration [sic, considering?] how small a quantity does suffice, that it may cause any man to withdraw his hand from it. It is indeed, a work so short and easy, that it may well be called woman's work, and the play of children. Go to it then,, my son, put up thy supplications to God almighty; be diligent in searching the books of the learned in this science; for one book openeth another; think and meditate of these things profoundly; and avoid all things which vanish in or will not endure the fire, because from these adjustible, perishing or consuming things, you can never attain to the perfect matter, which is only found in the digesting of your water, extracted from sol and luna. For by this water, color, and ponderosity or weight, are infinitely given to the matter; and this water is a white vapor, which like a soul flows through the perfect bodies, taking wholly from them their blackness, and impurities, uniting the two bodies in one, and increasing their water. Nor is there any other thing than Azoth, to wit, this our water, which can take from the perfect bodies of sol and luna, their natural color, making the red body white, according to the disposition thereof."

All of the wise men say the same thing just in different words
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PostSubject: Re: Let me explain wisdom   Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:07 pm

Thanks, nicely said.
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PostSubject: Re: Let me explain wisdom   Sat Mar 16, 2013 7:56 pm

I had to at least explain this because I dont come on this forum to preach opinions or anything, on the contrary in 2009 i had no knowledge of alchemy and i used to sit and watch this forum in amazement so i went and did my homework to become a true philosopher and true alchemist as i felt that what everyone was here, which everyone who is "search for wisdom" is actually a philosopher i do not give nor take titles. the way nick made this forum all extra strict i wanted to make sure i was on my own game so i went forth to learn all about alchemy and it was easy for me because from 2007 i was studying hermetic philosophy

so i actually come on here using terms from books, speaking on how a lot of processes are scientifically possible thinking we could all work together only to find out that all we can talk about are nicks processes, which would be great if he was still here, i missed my chance speaking to him being that his forum was very private and had to be approved and i tried to get approved and was denied for whatever reason

but instead of helping me get along on the forum in some instances it has done way more damage and i recognize that, nick had his own way of doing things and a lot of people just followed him and since i never truly followed him I started off at odds with everyone who believed in him, i recognize this now, and so that is why I left for an extended period of time to do far more studies to help verify his methods

and every one of his methods can be scientifically verified

mainly his zinc acetate path (which the book "das acetone"{ } sufficiently goes into detail how to understand and master the processes with any metal not just zinc which i have successfully perform and used to heal my self and others, which was the zinc oil i brought up that everyone rejected me about and that was my very first true post on here -_-)

and the leyden process I practiced several different ways to manipulate that process, i didnt want to follow it i wanted to understand it but i got side tracked by very many processes but eventually it led back to how the leyden process works and the ingredients is whats makes all the difference

So I come on here telling how to improve it and people want to question me..... when they could easily do the research or perform it themselves but if you look at the ingredients that make a difference its scientifically is possible that someone may become "extra sensitive" (i.e.psychic) to their environment, when you get healthier you have vivid dreams and everything, people who are healthier report that they have man OBEs (out of body experiences)

people get me very twisted on here and the only reason for my confidence is the whole body of knowledge that supports my claims... all of my real personal stuff or things under investigation I keep very personal and quiet as I obey the hermetic axiom

The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding - The Kybalion

So there are people who know my current projects just not on this forum, and i dont like to write my personal experiments on to documentation for people to copy and verify as my goal isnt to prove my work to anyone through someone copying me being that im copying natures ways to get what i want and nature therefore verifies my work not any nature im a sage not by man

if alchemy was a %100 artificial art (i.e. the art of a workman) I wouldnt say a word on here its a work of nature
"Note well in the art of our magistery, nothing is concealed of the Philosophers, except the secret of the art, which is not lawful to be revealed to any man, for he that should do so would be accursed, and incur the indignation of the Lord and die with the palsy. Wherefore, all error is in the art, because they take not their due matter out of it, therefore use reverent nature; of it, by it, and in it, our art is engendered and in no other thing, and therefore our magistery is a work of nature and not of a workman. And so he which knoweth not the beginning, obtaineth not the end, and he which knoweth not what he seeks is ignorant also what he shall find."

and see im so grateful for a lot of these alchemical books... now as i did before I post on this forum only to give back to this forum and for those who come after me who are honest searchers like I was... for if these philosohers never wrote their books I would be lost...hence why I post references, I refer people to books and other philosophers do the same thing and most of them refer to hermes and i see why as i refer to him also
"Wherefore, for three years continued, I studied the philosophers' books, but chiefly the works of Hermes alone, whose shorter words comprehend the whole stone; although he speaks obscurely of the Superior, and Inferior, of the Heaven, and of the Earth. "

coincidentally I studied also for 3 years....and even tho i dont say it on will soon find out it is God and Nature who must approve of you it matters not what i say or i like or dislike and if anyone understood the true Occult nature of God (the 7 spirits of creation, the hierarchies or heaven and hell's angels) you would truly understand

because without the operation of the stars and the operation of the moon you cannot understand the operation of the sun (alchemy)
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PostSubject: Re: Let me explain wisdom   

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Let me explain wisdom
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