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 << New Member, and hello :)

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PostSubject: << New Member, and hello :)   Sat Jul 06, 2013 3:57 pm

Hello, and thanks for opening up the forum for me!
I have been reading over the forum for a bout a week and a half now, and decided to join.
I started diving into herbs this year, and re-educating myself on living off the land, less dependent on big brother. Then i came into a few alchemy books... and wow. Instantly drawn to the art. I have not been big on reading in years, and now i find myself searching for time and quiet places to read (just had a baby in January).

I came across this forum by finding Nicks original book on the Leyden method called "the universal medicine" on this website.

i had already read the letter of leydens, but missed the During may part. I collected some on the weekend of june 23 though, but failed to seal the top very well Sad so fear the spirit is gone.

any who, started researching this nick fellow, and most of his links to webpages were down. just happened to fall on this site hear recently.

So here i am, and may need a few bits of catching up to do but hope to be a contributing member as i have been reading lots of info and trying to form the correct path by my own gathering of the information instead of blindly following whatever i read online from other forums.

so, yea.. HEY!
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<< New Member, and hello :)
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