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 Mind Mapping Alchemy and the great work

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PostSubject: Mind Mapping Alchemy and the great work   Fri Nov 15, 2013 2:33 am

I have decided to start mind mapping the breakdown of alchemy. I currently am using XMIND to do this as it is free lol.

My intentions are to categorize the elements, planets, 3 stages, etc more clearly using modern technology. My reasoning for posting this, is if anyone else is interested, i would like the idea of our little community to be able to add to this chart. I believe (am not sure yet) that XMIND can be synchronized over the web. if anyone is interested in doing this, please hit me up. I really feel the need to try to gather up our knowlede and catch everyone up to speed on our progresses and experience. plus to use as a easy reference for linking key words and stages.

also, if anyone has any better ideas on doing something like this, that would be great too.
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Mind Mapping Alchemy and the great work
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