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 Pondering Glucosamine

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Near Death

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PostSubject: Pondering Glucosamine   Thu Apr 03, 2014 8:42 pm

Introducing myself, it has been sometime since I have posted on this forum. Skipping a more thorough, proper introduction, I am one of the first members of the I A O. I have been reading a few messages on here, was sad to see not too many people doing practical work or posting pictures anymore, and a bit suspecting of some of the new people that have showed up here, so I have come here to try and add some direction to this lost place and figure out who all these knew people claim to be.

It is in this section that I'm posting not just because I haven't before but because the following is only a practical alchemy speculation about what I have been thinking regarding the building block of life-forms, glucosamine, and how it could possibly be a form of the prima materia.

I had come upon this notion while doing some research to help with some aching knees as to which form of glucosamine is the most effective. Upon doing some research I learned that glucosamine must be either bonded to HCl or S. I will tend to use chemical and alchemical terminology interchangeably.

The reason glucosamine must be bonded is because as a pure element it is very deliquescent. This got me to thinking that if pure glucosamine were isolated and deliquesced under the moon light, perhaps it could become a menstruum for the sun.

It is interesting to note that glucosamine is extracted from the shells of arthropods. Previously we have done some work with silica and someone else mentioned how they believe this to be the prima materia. As I have written in another article elsewhere silica may have been the starting point for life as it might have been the first thing to begin growing skeletons from an aqueous solution. These skeletons being virtually the same structure as the shell of an arthropod, their meat being somewhat like marrow, perhaps glucosamine would be similar to silica in this regard. The way that both the arthropods and skeletons grow is reminiscent of the Philosopher's Stone.

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PostSubject: Re: Pondering Glucosamine   Wed May 14, 2014 10:54 pm

ah, this is the post i meant. it seems it was not in the new members section. I remember reading this now. I have to say that i did in fact find this interesting with the Glucosamine. worth looking more into. More specificially the connection with arthropods. i will have to look into this and think on it before i can post anything useful to discuss. have you obtained any more knowledge on the subject?
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Pondering Glucosamine
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