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 A Furnace and a Mold

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PostSubject: A Furnace and a Mold   Tue Jan 06, 2015 8:58 pm

What is the most efficient way to make a mold/furnace for home use?

I am trying to experiment with metal-making, and I realized to see if my transmutation powder is working, I am going to need to melt the metal down in a furnace to mix it.

I would like to make a furnace with bricks or something simple. What is the easiest way to make one? Like a nice furnace that can reach 2,000 degress Fahrenheit.

Also, I need to make a mold. Someone told me I need to make a mold using the lost-wax process or through the sand casting process.

Can I just buy a mold online? I mean, I don't see the big deal, unless I am missing something.

I noticed online there are molds for different metals, why is that so?
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A Furnace and a Mold
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