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 To Fra from Italy

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Night Wizard


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PostSubject: To Fra from Italy   Tue Jan 13, 2015 7:07 pm

Fra, for whatever reason my emails are not making it to you.  So I am posting what I have been trying to email to you here, seeing as you responded to the email address I have provided here.  So, I hope you see this.


I am the Night Wizard.

I will answer any and all questions put to me as best as I can.

You wrote:
I've been working on many paths, including the so called Cinnabar Path, and the quest for the Philosophical Spirit of Wine of Weidenfeld.
To be brief I don't think I have any truth, this far.

This isn't your fault.  The fault is in the hundreds of people who have found ways to con and scam people with false methods.  Appealing to people's hopes and dreams of something greater than themselves.  An honest seeker with a pure heart has done no wrong.

You wrote:
You don't desire wealth, nor you desire fame, glory and all the things I consider a food for human ego.
That is what touched my curiosity.
So, please, tell me, what kind of empty being are you? What is your purpose on this earth? Where are you going?

These things, fame, glory, etc. are very base; crass desires.  They are not desires of a true, pure, and loving heart.  I have grown in wisdom beyond these things.  

I am a student of magic and enlightenment.  My purpose on this Earth, as far as I am currently aware, is to create the Philosopher Stone and educate others as best as I am capable.  Where I am going beyond that, I myself am not yet sure.

You wrote:
I know that you will not speak about your stone to anyone. You are probably right, I accept it. I don't know if really it exists something like the Philosopher's Stone. I feel it is. I hope it is.
What I would like to understand is what kind of alchemy path did you follow.

The Stone is real, it is beautiful and enlightening beyond anything you can hope for.

This may surprise you, but I haven't followed any alchemy paths at all.  I started with occultism, learning to speak to spirits and performing ritual magic.  This is a path 10 years in the making.

When I first started all this, I was much like anyone else: I wanted money, fame, women, etc. etc..  However, as I learned to speak to spirits, grew in wisdom and enlightenment..  I began to see those things for what they really were: greed.  Greed is imperfect, and will ultimately not take one very far.

I came upon the Stone completely by accident.  I had performed a ritual to my Holy Guardian Angel, and asked to be pointed towards my Destiny, and the Secret Philosopher Stone fell in to my lap soon after.  I did not ask for it, nor did I expect it at all.

You wrote:
There are many paths, even if the most of them were probably born by the misunderstanding of the One path.
You said that a child can make the stone, this would cut apart those who work with human semen.

Sure, you could say there are many 'paths' - there are many materials you can start with.  The secret ingredient I speak of is the most effective, easy to obtain, and natural.  All that it requires is heat to be applied to it in the proper manner.  That's why I say it's extremely easy.

With the Stone, Semen can be used to create an artificial human known as a Homunculus.

All you need are the ingredient, water, and heat.

Now, my advice to you, is to look to the ancients, follow their clues.

Ancients wrote:
Our substance is openly displayed before the eyes of all, and yet is not known. [...] our water that does not wet the hands

There is something which everyone recognizes, and whoever does not recognize it will rarely, perhaps never find it. The wise man will keep it and the fool will throw it away, and the reduction comes easily to the man who knows it.

Become One with God and he will show you the way.
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PostSubject: Re: To Fra from Italy   Tue Jan 20, 2015 6:54 pm

hi Night Wizard

NOW with all my respect but SORRY ????

then you answer at that
you say and ALWAYS you have announced and YOU proposed LIKE A MESSIAH here in YOUR POST the forum


. Reveal what ∴∴N.D.C∴∴ did - and why he himself did not and COULD not know the secret.

. Point you in the direction you must go to acquire the stone.

. Explain the actual alchemical process

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Night Wizard


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PostSubject: Re: To Fra from Italy   Tue Jan 20, 2015 11:25 pm

Get over it lol.

Quote :
But if all knew its secret, no one would work, and it would lose its value. On this account it would he impious to describe it in universally intelligible language. He to whom God will reveal it, may understand these dark expressions.

Quote :
"He that has once found this Art, can have nothing else in all the world to wish for, than that he may be allowed to serve his God in peace and safety. He will not care for pomp or dazzling outward show. But if he lived a thousand years, and daily entertained a million people, he could never come to want

Just as the Alchemists of old said: Only those for whom God reveals the secret to may know.

Again, they weren't just saying that to be cool.

So, you can either accept it is what it is, or, don't - either way I doubt you're ever going to have the Stone.
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PostSubject: Re: To Fra from Italy   

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To Fra from Italy
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