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 Resurrection Salt

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PostSubject: Resurrection Salt   Sun Aug 16, 2015 1:04 am

Has anyone heard of "Resurrection Salt" discovered by Charles W. Littlefield back on the 1900's ? the formula is : 1oz. common salt, 6oz. pure water, distilled or spring water, 6 oz. 90% alcohol, Oleo resin, all mixed together and placed in a sealed container along with some open containers of Ammonia 2oz. total. The mixture is exposed to the ammonia fumes for 3 hours in the sealed container. then removed and dried to a salt. Mr. Littlefield claims he brought some small animals back to life after killing them. Hence the name resurrection salt. He also claimed that when his mixture was exposed to the Ammonia fumes it created a very powerful Nitrogen that was captured by his mixture. .. I thought I'd tell the forum about this. auggie
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Resurrection Salt
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