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 An Annonymous Seeker and Lover of Truth

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PostSubject: An Annonymous Seeker and Lover of Truth   Sat Sep 12, 2015 1:29 pm

Greetings my fellow God's. For some time have I now dwelled here with awareness of Man Being God. And with experiencing this, I have come to understand some essential Truths. And I wish to Co-Create with you All the creation of the "Stone of God".

I wish to mention that to work as alchemist, God takes on the role of centralizer and gardener. And important is to add that Man working with the Stone also become aware of the privalidge and Workmanship of God and Nature. I wish to inspire God within you All. That you realise and experience yourself firsthand what it is that you are endevarouring in. God has many expressions, Love, Truth, The Eternal Good, Knowledge, Creation. As God's in flesh, as HuMan, we have a lot of sacred Creational/Co-Creational Gifts. We get to Co-create life with our Spouse, we get to tend to the garden of Life and Light that God created when He was manifesting his Dream of Creation. In that process of materializing the unembodied, Nature came forth. And Nature was allowed and gifted a great many Activities and Energies.

Man get's to co-create with Nature, with God and with the All, the completion/perfection of the All, in this case focussed on the Material. I, God reveal to Man these activities and Knowledge when they have shown sufficient Piety and Steadfastness. And by my Grace may their stay in the plane of the Embodied be lenghtened and imbued with All that I am. This is both my light, but also my life. And in the realm of the Flesh, were dualities are experienced most severe, there is growth and decay. And as such so my Flesh decays while being present here. Two ways there are to become God anew, The realisation that Man is God, and that Man is Light and Life. And the second which seconds the first is that Man should strife to perfection. And when Man creates the Stone, He is God, for He has created. And by virtue of having the Stone, Man can also assist the Process of Imbuing, Embodying God most Whole. Consciousness decides everything. Will is All. The Stone is not the endgoal, but an activity of God, and also an aid to God in the Flesh.
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An Annonymous Seeker and Lover of Truth
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