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 Sanguis Naturae: A Fruitful Discussion

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PostSubject: Re: Sanguis Naturae: A Fruitful Discussion   Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:22 pm

Spiritus Vini Philosophici

On Spiritus Vini Philosophici extracted from the vegetable and animal kingdom etc
and on its elaboration and obtaining moreover to what previously I have posted advice to read and deepen the following instructions



su Spiritus Vini Philosophici estratto dal regno vegetale e animale etc
e sulla sua elaborazione e ottenimento inoltre a cio che precedentemente ho postato consiglio di leggere e ben approfondire le seguenti istruzioni


“You take 20 pounds of Soote made by the fire, highest condensed in the top part of the fireplace. That the firewood is of true oak. I have used also the bark, but dry and not more humid. I have filled up an earthen retort and I have luthed to it a wide flask, cooled with snow and marine salt. I have made a great fire, arriving until red the most intense one. The white vapors have begun to show their power and the Elements have engaged their battle. After time, I have seen the Dew to cover the walls, of a beautiful citrine yellow. It's Xantosis according Balduinus & Widigulfus of Mainz. I have increased the fire of one degree until that Dew is not changed from citrine to intense red. This is the Blood of the Green Lion , that you collect like a dense and heavy Oyl, for a volume of approximately a third party of the round flask. When the Oyl does not exit more, then you interrupt the fire and leaves to cool. It takes apart the flask well and luthe it, so that the Spirit don't decoy away. It leaves the Oyl to the nutriment of the Sun and the Moon for beyond forty days. This is the Mercurial Oyl of Soote but still immature. In that meantime you will have calcined the caput, wash ashes and obtained a citrine salt, crystalline and perfumed, than in itself encloses every sweetness but that is a poison for the man. Conserve yours salt, very washed and crystalized in a dry place and lacking in humidity, because of it would absorb so much until poisoning itself. Your Oyl will be rectified for twelve times in an alembic for volatile spirits. You will concentrate it as a substance sharpened and rich in caliditas. Your Oyl circulates hour on sweet salt, because it can be nourished of the sweetness of Diane . You will obtain a silver salt fixed to the dome of yours capitel; it is our Nude Diane whose beauty is involved our senses. You make attention when you collect this salt, because it can stordir you, at par of the beautiful Diana that done to fall Attheon. The oyl is filtered and added in reason of two parts with one part of quintessence of Pine. The salt still is circulated for one hundred days by the heat of the Sun, without to stop, in this new regenerating bath. Here your King and your Queen find their talamus and conceive the Prince of Dissolvents, the true Vytriol of the Wises , source of great joy and eternal hope.”  

and more

Spirit Wine Philosophico

Pyroligneous Acid from Tree Bark

Effects_of Pyroligneous Acid on Plants

Quintessence of Wine Revived
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PostSubject: Re: Sanguis Naturae: A Fruitful Discussion   Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:57 pm

Have you had a chance to test any of these experiments yourself, Alex?
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PostSubject: Re: Sanguis Naturae: A Fruitful Discussion   Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:03 pm


but wait to soon we pubblic all with very clear with photos videos etc and many different methods with different matters etc in some books
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PostSubject: Re: Sanguis Naturae: A Fruitful Discussion   Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:13 am


"I find it unusual, that so many people just simply ignore the warnings given at the very start of Hollandus' work. Lets have a look shall we?"

Hollandus - [This is the Hand of the Philosophers with their dear
secret signs, with which the old sages united with each
other and took oaths. Nobody can understand this Hand
with its secret signs, unless he becomes first a juror of
the philosophers, (one who swore loyalty to a philosopher) ,
and has loyally served them in the Art Alchemia . Conse-
quently, those who have not this Hand and do not understand
its secret signs, nor have taken the oath of loyalty, are
bastards in this Art . They do not possess the philosopher's
treasure. That is why I advise all those who do not possess
the secrets of the Hand not to start workinq in the alchemi-
cal Art, nor to believe books or writings, since they will
all only be cheated in the secrets of the Hand. Therefore,
everybody had better be careful ]
"So now.... lets be real... he didnt say: "oh, but dont worry, im going to tell you and explain to you all our secret secrets for free right here right now"... did he...

He said... "If you dont have the Hand; sdhdsf off" and then he proceeds to explain the hand is some detail... lets have a look at what he says exactly..."

Hollandus - ["Take living chalk (quicklime) , according
to the quantity of the substance. Pour on
it a good amount of \"philosophical dew\" . Let the lime
slake in it; after it is slaked, let it
settle, and pour it off above.]
"So.. what is Salt petre? Typically its Potassium nitrate. So... how the sdhdsf are we going to get gunpowder... from calcium rich limestone and \"philosophical dew\"? Please explain...?

CLEARLY... Hollandus is talking absolute fsdafpsduf here, at least in the literal sense.

Now lets have a look at what another notorious and well loved traitor has said:"

Schmuldvich - [The Hand is a cabalistic representation of our Matter, Elixirmixer.

The different fingers represent different stages of our Work/the different phases of our Matter during its maturation into the Philosopher's Stone.]

"Now from this point of view, things do start to make a little more sense.

Hollandus was not handing out recipes. He was an initiate, writing to the initiated. And NOT to anyone else. He used the general platform of other alchemists, in which he used another process (in this case, pyro-distillation) as an allegorical metaphore to assist in explaining something that otherwise was FORBIDDEN to be written down.

So, if you want to understand Hollandus, and if you want the TRUE vegetable stone; you must consiquently accept and imbibe these principals; otherwise all is in error and fraud. You cant just skip the first few chapters of what is being said, just because its inconvenient. No Salts of the Hand means NO radical transmutations of anything including the human soul.

Sorry; the baldness isnt going anywhere Im afraid (but if it does let me know, i want hair too) HAHA!"

Elixirmixer has opened his eyes to something of importance which some of us wish to ignore, viz. that one must learn how to correctly read the alchemic literature. It is not to be read at ALL times in a literal sense. When one accepts this and actually follows these "recipes", one begins to clearly see that Elixirmixer is correct . These "recipes" are guides.
This method is used here in Sanguis Naturae. To me it is obvious. Exciting times loom for those who are gradually coming to learn of alchemy proper.
Soon, all of the groups and their fallacious dogma will be piled up and destined for the trash heap. Then, alchemy will begin to reassert its position in the world as its only protector, guarding human beings from itself by correcting the vainglorious ideas of "enlightened" men of science and industry.
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PostSubject: Re: Sanguis Naturae: A Fruitful Discussion   

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Sanguis Naturae: A Fruitful Discussion
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