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 experience report

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PostSubject: Re: experience report   Mon Mar 16, 2009 9:51 am

in 2005, i have a dream, a man-like figure came to me...(i certainly dont know "what" he is), his face seems to always being covered by his turban,

to say it roughly, his appearance is kinda like "shadi", a character from the manga yu gi oh (you can google it at but without any jewelry/accesories, and his cloth is kinda messy

...silent, no words come out from his mouth (which i cant see), but strangely, i feel like i understand that he was going to take me somewhere

and then ... we're flying! 5 to 10 meter above houses and streets, high speed! real fast! like in the rocketeer movie, even faster because i almost dont even remember the accelerating moment, its like teleporting, because i can only see the ground clearer when im about to slow down/arrive at the destination

he take me to an area where my friend live (at that moment, i dont know yet exactly where he live, i only know the area)

i remembered flying over a school billboard before i landed

from here my dream is fading (but theres more to this later)

i woke up in the morning and think something like "ah what a dream...but now...welcome to reality".

later that day, my other friend come, and ask me to join him finding where my friend live,

we went to find our friend's house, and we found it,

then we spend time chatting in front of the house, not a single memory about my dream arouse,

until my friend told me that, that night, the very night when im dreaming, a very strong wind came from nowhere and bent a school billboard near his house, make all the people who sees it surprised and confused, even i was terrified a bit hearing that!

then suddenly i remembered about my dream and, zap! i got a de ja vu moment,

i remembered that from the point my dream is fading, i actually dreaming about chatting with my friend in front of his house (where i landed from my flight), talking about the strong wind, and i even dreamed the moment when i remembered my dream! this is the point where my dream truly ended.

i dont know if this is called astral projection, or just another dream with a coincidence as a bonus. but man, those buildings and streets, the streetlamps, all looks so real.

anyone have a similar experience?

how about that strong wind?, does that connects spirit and matter?
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experience report
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