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 Chrysopee Inroduction

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PostSubject: Chrysopee Inroduction   Mon Dec 14, 2009 5:24 am

Hello group,

Being new to this forum, I will write a few lines to introduce myself.

I am interested in alchemy at the age of 14. Now I have 39 ! I worked with Roger Caro and Philosphers of Nature (LPN)

For 5 years I work on the Philisophical Dew without even managed to produce the Philosopher's Stone.

It gives me a great opportunity to have discovered ∴N.D.C∴ and its outstanding work on the Dew and the Philosophical Dew philosophical. Thank you for your sharing !

I have some questions ;-)

I will work on his method three (on the philosophical Dew). When the first distillation (step 1) how far should it push the fire? Basically when the residue is still paste (mild heat), or when the residue becomes dry and brittle black as coal (high temperature)

I would also work on the dew as described in method three. But I understand there is some new process : must be the remaining 3 / 4 of the distillation put in digestion, right?

As I live in France in the beautiful Britain I will have to wait to collect the dew, as currently it rains every night .... I think I must collect only the dew and do not let it mix with all the rain ?.


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PostSubject: Re: Chrysopee Inroduction   Wed Dec 16, 2009 7:58 pm

Hello Chrysopee,

Nick has said you must be careful to not use high heat when drying the ph. dew salt. link
Also an addition to the book is that the salt must be refined the same way that the dew salt is.

For dew the additions to the path: Nick said boil away 3/4 and then putrefy but maybe he meant boil down to 3/4, he will have to clarify. Also the purified salt should be treated with dew spirit and distilled rainwater. link
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Chrysopee Inroduction
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