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 Who is david1 ...

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PostSubject: Who is david1 ...   Sat Jan 02, 2010 7:02 am

Hello to everyone,

I am David, a single French male of 38 years of age. I live in South East Asia since 9 years. I am a webmaster, translator and amateur specialist in alternative sciences.

I have experienced practical Alchemy during 2 years, while I was in Malaysia, 3 to 4 years ago.
I have reproduced some processes disclosed by Nick, like the Fast Dry Path with sulfur and nitrate, the Moses method with cinnabar, the iridescent oil from putrefied GW, ...

Absorbing different products from these processes brought me to have vivid dreams, astral travels and other paranormal adventures.
I find that my synchronicity as improved slowly during the years following the taking of these powders and oils, and now I have had various elements coming together in a pleasant way in my life. I am sure Alchemy has given me more POWER to flow with the life.

Nick gave me to discover the world of Alchemy and I am a supporter of him since almost 5 years now. He is a modern hero and an eminent teacher in Alchemy on internet. I will forever be thankful to him for the sharing of his knowledge. He is the only one in that case !

Now I am in Cambodia, a very poor country, for humanitary purpose, and I haven't had a real home since 2 years now; I move often and I can only carry 2 backpacks so I have to wait a few months more to resume my experiments in Alchemy.

I follow regularly this forum, even if I don't log in, because I can just read for the moment, having no practical possibilities.

I am very happy to see how many nice peoples are here, doing practical Alchemy and sharing pictures and comments in a friendly manner.

This forum is a jewel on the web, and probably the first place where we will find clear and complete instructions and details to various processes, after Nicks websites.

Thanks again to Nick for setting up this unforgettable place !!

May God bless you all, and Nick twice !
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Who is david1 ...
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