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 Weidenfeld First Menstruum

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PostSubject: Weidenfeld First Menstruum   Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:17 am

Vegetable Menstruums.
The First Kind.
Simple Vegetable Menstruums made
of Philosophical Wine only.
I. The Heaven, Effluence, or Spirit of Wine of Lully
Described Can. 1. Dist. 1. Lib. De Quinta Essentia.

Take Wine Red or White, the best that may be had, or at least take Wine that is not any way eager, neither too little nor too much thereof, and distil an Aqua Ardens as the custom is, through Brass Pipes, and then rectify it four times for better purification.

But I tell you it is enough to rectify it three times, and stop it close (sealed), that the burning Spirit may not exhale, because herein have many men erred, thinking it ought to be seven times rectified, but my Son, it is an infallible sign to you when you shall have seen that Sugar steeped in it, and being put to the flame burneth away as Aqua ardens (Burning water)

Now having the water thus prepared, you have the matter out of which the Quintessence is to be made, which is one principal thing we intend to treat of in this Book.

Take therefore that, and put it in a circulating Vessel, or in a Pelican, which is called the Vessel of Hermes and close the hole very tight (seal very tight) with Olibanum or Mastic being soft, or quick lime mixed with the White of Eggs, and put it in Dung, which is naturally most hot, or the remains of a Wine-press, in which no heat must be by accident diminished, which you may do, my Son, if you put a great quantity of which you please of those things at a corner of the House, which quantity must be about thirty Load.

This ought to be, that the Vessel may not want heat, because should heat be wanting, the circulation of the water would be impaired , and that which we seek for un-effected; but if a continual heat be administered to it by continual circulations, our Quintessence will be separated in the colour of Heaven, which may be seen by a diametrical Line, which divides the upper part, that is the Quintessence, from the lower, namely, from the Feces, which are of a muddy colour.

Circulation being continued many days together in a circulating Vessel, or in the Vessel  of Hermes, the Hole, which you sealed with the said Matter, must be opened, and if a wonderful Scent go out, so as that no fragrancy of the world can be compared to it insomuch as putting the Vessel to a corner of the House, it can by an invisible Miracle draw all that pass in, to it; or the Vessel being put upon a Tower, draws all Birds within the reach of its Scent, so as to cause them to stand about it.

Then will you have, my Son, our Quintessence which is otherwise called Vegetable Mercury at your will, to apply in the Magistery of the transmutation of Metals: But if you find not the influx of Attraction, stop (Seal) the Vessel again,, as before; and put it in the place before appointed, and there let it stand untill you attain to the aforesaid Sign.

But this Quintessence thus glorified, will not have that Scent, except a Body be dissolved in it, nor have that heat in your mouth Aqua Ardens. (Burning water)

This is indeed by the Philosophers called the Key of the whole Art of Philosophy, and as well Heaven, as our Quintessence, which arrives to so great a sublimity, that either with it by itself alone, or with the earthly Stars (Metals) the Operator of this work may do miracles upon the Earth.
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PostSubject: Re: Weidenfeld First Menstruum   Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:55 am

This is an interesting post FJ. I wonder, what is it that you think it is saying?
I agree that it is the key to the whole art, but this particular tract is written with such ambiguity as to be completely confounding.

Sure, the author is telling us to use red or white Wine, but what Wine is he speaking of?
The obvious answer would be some good type of wine from which alcohol can be distilled and purified so that sugar dissolved in it burns away as Aqua Ardens.
We can imagine sambuca being poured into a glass and set aflame and having a pleasing occular effect. Very Happy
This, imho, is misdirection. But I'm curious to know what you think is being described?
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Weidenfeld First Menstruum
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