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 Regarding The Materials Of Our Work

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PostSubject: Regarding The Materials Of Our Work   Fri May 10, 2013 5:22 am

I would like to highlight the following fact:

We are doing ALCHEMY and not chemistry and i apologize for i cant stress that enough.Tha reason i mention this is to bring up the issue regarding the materials we use for our work,specifically the metals.Alchemy works with the "life" of the ores/metals/minerals as most of us are aware of.Therefore,the materials that we should use should not be bought from an online store or anything else of that nature rather than from the mines directly.This is because the ores that are given by stores have been chemically treated and heated over and over again and throught these procedures,the metals are killed by the heat of the ovens and so we are left with an already dead body,so we cant procceed with that.And another thing i wanted to mention about Antimony.In medival/ancient times there was no antimony metal,so we will have to work with stibnite and from it,extract the antimony.

I am not aware if such an issue has been set again,i just bring it up for the new comers since i consider it quite usefull information.
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PostSubject: Re: Regarding The Materials Of Our Work   Sat May 11, 2013 4:34 pm

As above so below.

It means that the same laws of physics are active everywhere in the universe.

So the same laws that govern alchemy also govern chemistry. The main difference lies in the fact that life itself is a reversal of entropy. If you remove life from the equation then everything you make will degrade into nothingness. With the presence of life everything you make gets better.

Since the laws of physics are the same, it is possible to study chemistry in order to help figure out the physical portion of alchemy.

A few modern ingredients are still made the old way or are unharmed by processing so they are sufficient for alchemy. Many other modern ingredients can have the vital principal restored thus they can be made usable (reanimation). The viterol path in the book "The Rosicrucian Secrets" says specifically that copper nitrate bought from the market is sufficient for the work. I found that save for nitric acid and lye all modern ingredients for this path are from natural sources and are thus sufficient for the work if you use the longer method that starts with copper sulfate.

Other paths are far more picky as far as ingredients go and do not accept substitutes.
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Regarding The Materials Of Our Work
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