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created for and run by Nick Collette
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Welcome to the only alchemy forum on the web where members are given the real Elixir of Life!

You no longer need to pass a test on basic alchemy knowledge before you can join. This is supposed to be a place where people come to learn alchemy, the Lost Academy, so it's time to let everyone in who wishes to join and is willing to pay the monthly $5 fee. If they're willing to pay 5 bucks a month to be members, then they obviously appreciate this place. Use the sign-up button further down the page to enroll yourself in recurring automatic monthly billing. Once you've done that, sign up using the REGISTRATION button at the top of the page to create an account. Then email me to let me know which name you chose so I can activate your membership. Send email to this address:
and use the word "NEW MEMBER" for the subject heading.

The membership button is not currently working. Once I get my new merchant account set up, I'll be able to process credit cards directly via the merchant bank account, and that will allow recurring billing to be available again.

PLEASE DO NOT register a user name until you have signed up below for the montly recuring billing. Each month your credit card will be billed $5.25 and if your card fails, you will be contacted so you can enter a new card. If you fail to make a payment then you're membership will be revoked, but you can always sign up again later once you have a valid credit card. Your user name will not be activated until I activate it, so all those people who register themselves every day without using payment button below are automatically removed.

If you don't agree that the information found at is worth $5, then you don't belong on this forum. Most people who donate to this forum and to the website give $20 on average, some even give $50 or $100. Those are the people who really understand the reality of how wonderful this place is. It was created by me, and it is continuously built upon to become more beautiful every day by the members who contribute their wealth of knowledge and laboratory experience to this awesome place. It is our creation, and it belongs to us alone, so don't assume just because its on the internet, that you somehow are entitled to join our creation for free.

The reason I charge the fee is because if you are desiring to become part of this forum, then you must have read through some of it already, and you must agree that its worth something. And since you refuse to donate out of the goodness of your heart, I have to force you to donate that money. You still get to view this forum and the website for free. I could have made it so you have to be a member to even view these websites (which I actually might do in the near future, but that would make this information impossible to find on search engines, so that's why I've always let the forum be read for free, because new members can find this place easily on internet when searching for alchemy topics.)

You can criticize this system all you want, but the fact is, this system keeps out the ungrateful and the hateful people.

So many other people happily donate money because they are so grateful with what they have learned here, and yet somehow people have the audacity to hate me for making them pay a few bucks to be part of something as amazing as this.

This allows me to see who is paying attention and still cares about the forum. If someone joins, and then doesn't contribute to the forum or interact with the other members by responding to their posts, they probably won't want to pay the membership fee, and they will be deleted from the forum. So this helps to remove the "dead weight" from the forum.

This isn't some random hole in the wall, back alley forum like so many other alchemy message boards you find on the web. We are actually making the Elixir of Life here, (and it's even for sale in my store catalog) while people in those other forums only dream about it, or pretend to have already made it; that's why they are always accusing everyone else of being a fraud. This is the place people come to when they are sick of all the nonsense and negativity that's jammed packed into all the other alchemy forums. They come here so they can actually learn real alchemy, and the correct paths to the Stone, and that's why this place is called "The Lost Academy". Each member here is a student of the Art, and you can see in the way they compose their messages just how much respect they have for Alchemy, and how they all consider themselves to still be students, regardless of how much success they've had.

Some people call me the teacher, but I am also just a student, constantly learning all I can from experience in the lab, and from what others have to teach, because each person who shares their knowledge about alchemy and the results of their experiments is a teacher for that moment.


Use this button to sign up for monthly recurring billing. Your credit card will be charged $5.25 at the first of each month. An email is automatically sent to me so I know who's card was declined, and this allows me to keep track of who has failed to pay their monthly membership fee. ALL PAYMENTS AND DONATIONS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE! Even if you decide to quit the forum, the payments will NOT be refunded! But of course you will be removed from automatic billing if you decide to quit the forum, but you have to email me to let me know you want to quit. The money is used to pay for the expenses of running this website and the alchemy website.


   The main purpose of this message board is to provide a place to openly share advice and techniques about the processes presented on my website and in my books.

    The beauty you will find here is unparalleled by any other alchemy forum on the web. By immediately removing anyone who is negative, this forum has managed to develop into a sanctuary of bountiful knowledge and human experience in the Great Art of alchemy. People share more information and photos here than anywhere else, because they form strong bonds and friendships through trail and error, and sharing in the joy of accomplishment and achievement in challenging alchemical work together. Together we strive to improve ourselves, both inside and out, through the use of this Holy Art. Truly, you will fall in love with alchemy once you have embarked upon this wonderful adventure with us, and your life will never be the same. So we all welcome you, with open hearts and a wealth of powerful knowledge. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, find a comfortable chair, and begin your journey.

   What sets this forum apart from any other on the web is how we make the true Elixir of Life, and don't argue about theories and philosophies like what is so common on all the other forums.

     If you have any respect for yourself, you will stay away from forums that are home to such negative people, who probably never even smile. And if you were unfortunate enough to have already been a member of one of those forums, you will find this one a wonderfully refreshing change of pace, into a positive and constructive atmosphere, and away from the negative and destructive hell-hole you thought all alchemy forums were doomed to become.

   I simply don't allow down-beat, pessimistic people to remain here because I'm a happy person with a colossal size heart, which is readily apparent when you see my website,, books, artwork, videos, and hear my music (watch the video further down the page). Anyone who has seen all my work can plainly see that I'm a 100% genuinely good guy.

    I'm a person who has done nothing but selflessly help tons of people learn REAL alchemy and make the TRUE elixir of life through one on one personal email sessions, as well as responding to questions on this forum, taking a huge chunk of time out of my day to answer their every question.

Before joining our forum, it's imperative that you download the rules and agree with them 100%. If you are not of like mind, then do NOT join our forum.

Basically, there are just 5 simple rules:

1. Do not post about monatomic elements, ORMUS, etc. David Hudson was a fake, and there is no such thing as "orbitally rearranged montaomic atoms". He claimed that when you dissolve a metal down to just a single atom, it becomes deformed and orbitally rearranged, and acquires all sorts of magical properties, like room temperature superconduction, levitation, and even invisibility! Modern scientists work with single atoms of the platinum group metals everyday in nano-technology research, and there is nothing special about them. He wasn't able to get a US patent because other chemists were unable to verify his claims. He was a once wealthy farmer who had land that was no longer usable for growing crops, so in a last ditch effort to try and remain rich, he tried to sell the minerals in the soil as magical "ORMES" or ORMUS to all the new-age hippies looking for an instant enlightenment pill. It's a disgrace to alchemy, and David Hudson was the modern equivalent to apothecary drug stores of medieval times, which sold fake alchemy elixirs to an easy to fool public.

2. Do not post theoretical alchemy processes that you haven't done yourself and photographed. If you are going to present a process that is not in my book or on the website, you must provide photos of each step and show it finished to completion. If you leave some important piece out (like a secret solvent) then your entire post will be deleted without warning.

3. Do not post anything about transmutation of metals. A single gram of our stone of the 5th order is able to produce 16 billion dollars US in gold. And the stone can also be made from iridium and even rarer metals.

4. Do not use slang curse words or bad language in general, even if it's just a joke.

5. Use only English to post your messages. If you do not write in English very well, then simply use a translator program.

Failure to follow these simple rules will result in your removal from this forum, and a ban on your computer's unique IP address so you won't even be able to view this website.

    The only kind of people allowed on this forum are the friendly kind; the more friendly the better. And if you show us your photo, then that's even better.

It is strongly discouraged for you to use a fake name for your user name, and artwork instead of a photo for your avatar. Don't hide yourself from the forum. We are here to get to know each other, not to get know an imaginary character you made up. (Even though isn't that exactly what a personality is?lol)

This is a place of peace and happiness because we are enjoying the fruit of our labor, having searched so long for the true Elixir of Life and now we've finnally obtained it. So if you are one of the people from another forum who loves to start arguments and debates, we don't want you here. Anyone who starts a fight here is instantly removed.

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Member Introductions

For members to post introductions and personal information so we can get to know each other.
Moderator: bluefloor
71389Thu Mar 02, 2023 11:40 am
Acalana Roses are Red
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Practical Alchemy

Practical AlchemyHere we discuss practical laboratory alchemy processes. Only REAL alchemy can be discussed here. There will be absolutely NO posting about ORMES or ORMUS, monatomic gold, "white powder gold", or Barry Carter and David Hudson.
Moderator: bluefloor
6689734Fri May 17, 2024 3:08 am
alexbr FULCANELLI IRON ?the Matter Work Mars/Venus pg 410
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Other Discussion

Other DiscussionThis is a place for other discussion that is not related to practical alchemy.
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39174Sat Jun 03, 2023 12:12 am
IAOhohenheim Progress on the elixers physiological effects
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Spiritual / Supernatural

Spiritual / SupernaturalHere we discuss supernatural events and spirit contact, communication, and manifestation/materialization of solid spirits. Abilities we have obtained from the use of our elixirs are discussed, as well as those events which happened before we even knew about alchemy.

This place is for the discussion of events, its not a philosophy forum.
Moderator: bluefloor
25131Sat Feb 04, 2023 3:44 am
Acalana How to produce colloidal gold through electrolysis
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Astral Journeys

Astral JourneysOnce the Elixir is taken for a long enough period of time, you will be able to astral project very easily. This a place to discuss the astral journey's we are now able to take thanks to our Elixir.
Moderator: bluefloor
1065Thu Feb 02, 2023 4:48 pm
Acalana Alchemical golden age Origins hypothesis
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HealthFor posting about the physical health benefits we have received from using the Elixir of Life.
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1597Fri Feb 03, 2023 4:57 pm
Acalana Alchemy elixer storage at fridge tempurature
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