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 eye test results

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PostSubject: eye test results   Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:41 pm

Just thought it would be illucidating for everyone to know that I was forced to notice a remarkable health benefit when I went to renew my license the other day. When I took the eye test, I noticed that I actually did better than I did before! The time prior I had much difficulty and had to try a few times to get the letters right, and even then I missed a few. But this last time I was able to read it in one line. This could be from taking the potato elixir, the GW elixir, or the water from the spring, or a combination of all three.

Also I have some other natural tips for everyone to strengthen their eyes, and both require a return to nature. To strengthen the rods, gaze at the stars in a place where there is no light. See if you can see the smallest stars and discern them from one another. Remember to relax your eyes. To strengthen your cones, go in search of wild strawberries and scout for animals across a distant mountain pass.
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eye test results
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